Hi all,

Bit of an odd question - this bike has been apparently voted the best bike in the world... so why is it selling at almost half price in a few online places? Cheapest I have seen it is £5k - which is a hell of a lot of money to be fair, but it retails at £8,800.

Is it just cos it's a 2012 model and we're fast approaching 2014?

Has anyone riden one (Hulk are you there?!)?

I cannot possibly afford one, and have absolutely no justification to own one - but saving £3.5k does seem too good to miss!



russyparkin [570 posts] 4 years ago

i ride a fairly pimped up caad10 yeah i know not the same but its exactly the same geometry exactly the same. and from a riding point of view its just insane! so quiuck planted controlable fun etc. the evo i assume will be even better.

a super bike for good money there right for you with the saving they are offering