The daily mail has its top story today, online at least, of a young girl who was out riding her horse when it was spooked by a tractor - throwing her off and sadly killing her.

The comments are all eminently sensible, talking about tragic waste, better to go out doing something you love, poor horse etc etc

I am truly staggered when this is compared with a recent article here on roadcc when a horse had to be put down because it had a broken leg because it was kicked by another spooked horse - this time caused by cyclists.....

guess how much love was shown to the riders in this instance!

The tractor driver is rightfully exonerated because these things happen, the cyclist should be banned as they are of the DEVIL!!!

in one instance a live human is killed, in the other an animal is killed (an animal which is eaten by our compatriot over the channel!)

what a crazy world!

(no link to the DM story as its just wrong to do so!)


700c [1250 posts] 4 years ago


This anti cyclist feeling is a massive concern, particularly because 1) we are the must vulnerable users of the road and 2) we are a group defined by our mode of transport, especially when on the receiving end of hatred, or DM scaremongering and prejudice.

Fact 1 + fact 2 = a prefect sh1tstorm of danger.

I reckon the DM couldn't hate us more if we were a load of immigrant homosexual environmental activists stealing UK jobs whilst claiming benefit!

cidermart [520 posts] 4 years ago

If I wear a ‘Princess Diana’ T-shirt would they then love me? Would her holiness balance out the evilness of my bicycle riding?  19