Just thought I'd post a positive note about my 2010 Allez. It is the basic '16' version.

Can't praise it highly enough after yesterday. Yes, it got me road riding properly back in 2010 and it did a couple of winter rides after remaining untouched but not unloved once the Tarmac arrived.

It then sat on the turbo but due to injury remained unpedalled for months.

However yesterday a relative asked if he could go riding with me. He has a basic Carrera hybrid and hadn't ridden for a while. I took the Allez as carbon seemed overkill!

Anyway, I am fortunate enough to be used to some pretty decent kit with the Tarmac and Pina but the simple Allez didn't feel it's low end price. It was comfy when it needed to be, quick when it needed to be, etc.

It even crossed some gravel bike paths (that wouldn't have been crossed on the carbon bikes as I'm fussy lol) without a flinch.

So, once again, I hail the Allez!


Shanefutcher [98 posts] 4 years ago

I have 2 allez and they are amazing.the best bike pound for pound

Markcw [13 posts] 4 years ago

Love my 2011 allez. I bought it with a full 105 group set, and I've just put some fulcrum racing quattros on it. Can't see me ever needing to do anything else to it, or even upgrading it! ..... Maybe a better saddle?