Ribble Gran Fondo

by mancsi   August 11, 2013  

Hi, I have a Bianchi Via Nirone with 105 components. Im looking at a Carbon Ribble, preferable the Gran Fondo! I am curious though if anyone has one? And the opinions on it? I have cosmic wheels so if anyone is interested in some new wheels let me know..

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What's wrong with your Bianchi, just out of interest?

I've always considered them quite classy and stylish. Ribble, perhaps less so, although of course great value

posted by 700c [580 posts]
12th August 2013 - 11:17


Gran Fondo's a lovely frame (not as nice as the R872, though) Smile

Sorry but your wheels are no good for my bike - I have Campag chainset. If the R872 didn't exist, I'd have the GF for sure

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posted by andylul [412 posts]
12th August 2013 - 13:30

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Not a thing wrong with her Smile

I just fancy a new bike, I know what you mean about the class and style. I am debating if I am now a Bianchi thoroughbred!!

2 wheels please!

posted by mancsi [119 posts]
12th August 2013 - 19:10

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I ride the (red Sportive Race) model before the Gran Fondo which is a very nice ride, smooth, responsive and comfortable. My only criticism is that the steering is just a touch too stable for my liking, i prefer something a little flightier. If the GF is based on my frame then it will be a good frame. Sorry but i cant compare it with what you are already riding or cannot comment on the wheels either.

posted by Welsh boy [142 posts]
12th August 2013 - 20:20