My brother in law is quite new to cycling and has signed us both up to the london to windsor bike ride.I don't think he has ridden much more than 20 miles so I thought I would meet him half way (st albans) and take him on a 40+ mile ride to see how he gets on before he breaks himself on a longer ride.

I know the area to drive around but not to cycle. Does anybody have any recommendations?



TheHatter [770 posts] 4 years ago

Hi,out towards Dunstable downs then to Invanhoe Beacon, Wendover woods and routes out that way if you fancy a few climbs and good views. You could then pick up its of the chiltern 100 route (still on the chiltern 100 website)
The Hub cycling cafe in Redbourn is worth a stop for a coffee and to check out the cycles and frames on the way back too.

Alternatively out to Hitchin via codicote and Whitwell has good countryside and quieteish lanes

Bedfordshire Clanger [345 posts] 4 years ago

Whitwell has has a geat cyclist's cafe and the surrounding lanes are dead quiet.

+1 for The Hub in Redbourn, they do a gently paced ride just like The Hatter describes every third Sunday morning. If you drop in at The Hub I'm sure that Simon would be delighted to advise on a local route.

coops79 [2 posts] 4 years ago

Redbourn sounds like a better start and finish point then.

The chiltern 100 routes look like a good starting point.

I want to challenge him without putting him off. I don't think he realises how hard riding 60+ miles is when all you have ever done is ride short distances. You take it for granted when you ride regularly.