Watching it at the moment - beautiful scenery. Anyone ridden there? What are the roads like if you aren't in a closed road race? Got a friend of the family there, thinking of visiting with the bike at some point.


SideBurn [890 posts] 4 years ago

The commentator said the weather was autumnal..... I am not sure whether that means that the weather was unusually cold or that within the arctic circle it is already early autumn!
I am a fair weather cyclist who feels he needs a medal for riding in poor weather! (Having said that I have been blown off my bike into a snow drift and suffered hypothermia on a ride this year!) Maybe I am getting harder as I get older?
I would love to know what it is like up there; I suspect if you do not like poor weather you are a bit stuck! Summer high temperature 14.2 Celsius Brrrrr!

Mike_B [26 posts] 4 years ago

Gotta feel sorry for the riders that get sent there after the weather they have endured this season and then in August they get sent to the artic!

Still, 14 degrees not a bad temp to be riding in. Warm enough but not too hot.