I have recently bought a Jagwire Road Pro kit and I'm confused as to which of the end caps go where.

They are to be fitted to Shimano 105 brakes and shifters with no internal cable routing.

So this is what you get for the Derailleur.

4 Lined End Caps
1 Sealed End Cap
1 Hooded End Cap

As far as the note in the kits say the gold cap end goes on the rear derailluer outer on the chain stay end.

With the brakes you get,

2 Open End Caps
2 POP End Caps
2 Lined End Caps

As far as I understand here the the pop ends go into the brake callipers, but which end do they open and lined go?

I've attached an image to how I think they may all be used, but any help is greatly appreciated.


Old Cranky [261 posts] 4 years ago

Yep - I've just finished fitting the same kit and your diagram is how I've configured mine.

mw [1 post] 4 years ago

Great Stuff.

Thanks for the reply.

The instructions that come with the kit could definitely do with some explanation as to where each end cap is supposed to be used.