After adjusting all the gears the chain still rubs at certain points, quite simply we don't believe the Tiagra from mech is wide enough and no matter what adjustment is made certain gears will cause the rubbing.

Not sure if this has been discussed before but would another make of front mech solve the issue (or take a crowbar to existing one to widen it  19 )

Consider getting a different rear cassette with an 11-28 at the back anyway to help an unfit (2 new hips) heavy smoking wimp get up the hills easier so thought I'd get both done at once.

If this is common, can someone suggest a front mech that would solve this



Sensible [74 posts] 4 years ago

I think it is normal for the front derailer to rub on the chain in certain gears. You have to trim the gear with the left shifter. It even says that in my Giant manual.
I have all Ultegra kit, a 50/34 chainring and a 11-28 cassette. If I use the 50 28 or the 34 11 it rubs. The left shifter has three positions, one for each of the chainrings and one for trimming. When it rubs, trim it by using the left shifter. This will move the derailer cage over slightly so it doesn't rub. If you want I can attach a pdf of the manual that explains it all.

thomas de gendt... [1 post] 4 years ago

If you could post pdf that would be great