Hello All!

Firstly thank you to everyone that took the time (and effort) to offer advice on the various bikes available and the options on those bikes.

Never realised how in depth you can get with buying a bike!

Anyway, i have now chosen a bike.....A Kuota Korsa Lite.
I can spec different bits on the bike, and one of those options is the gears (sorry if i'm describing this all wrong!, I haven't tagged myself the virgin racer for nothing!).

The bike comes with Sram Apex, which i can upgrade to Shimano 105 or Sram Rival.
The additional cost would £100.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Groupset!! Its called the groupset, that's what i can upgrade!


Gkam84 [9111 posts] 4 years ago

If you can afford it, upgrade it from the off, that's the advice you need....

I was purely a Shimano guy until I got the trike and now I'm a SRAM rider  4

virginracer [8 posts] 4 years ago

Thank you Gkam84.

This whole process has been a minefield! I actually read a piece on here actually praising (and giving a score of 8/10) the Sram Apex!

Which kinda threw a bit!

Still, if the options weren't there, then it wouldn't make you second guess, nor would you ask so many questions, and nor would you wish to upgrade.

There are other various upgrades i can do (most if not all being way out of my budget!).

As for affording it, just, i blew the entire budget on the bike!
I can stretch to upgrade the group set.
So am now searching for pedals,shoes and of course the obligatory daft hat.
(sorry never worn one before, but seeing as i make my kids wear one, best i lead by example!).

And again, like buying a bike, it's another minefield to negotiate!

No doubt i'll posting another "help me" on the forum for advice re shoes, helmet and pedals.

Thanks again.

Simon E [3154 posts] 4 years ago

Why do you want to upgrade a perfectly good groupset? The others won't work any better.

Standard SPD pedals (Shimano M520 are as good as any) and some comfy SPD shoes should get you sorted. My feet like Specialized BG Sport but everyone's a different shape so try a few brands on. Specialized and Shimano also size a bit small, so go up 1 Euro size from what you wear otherwise.

700c [1171 posts] 4 years ago

Is there any way you can test groupsets before to see which you prefer?

I'm inclined to agree with Simon E in that there seems little point in upgrading, particularly since this is your first road bike and you don't have experience of the groupset in the first place, so you may not necessarily see a benefit to upgrading anyway.

If you can spend 100 extra, there's loads of useful accessories you could buy, which would enhance your riding experience. Clothing is what springs to mind- decent bib shorts, a Jersey, a winter jacket, gloves, sunglasses, etc etc