Touring: Titanium or Steel?

by m0rjc   August 4, 2013  

Bikes such as the Hewitt Cheviot SE and the Spa Titanium are similarly priced. The Galaxy Titanium costs a lot more (well over budget).

What are the pros and cons of each? I understand that the Spa Titanium is plain gauge rather than butted. Could that be safer with the child seat or is butted OK? (I'm currently using the child seat on a butted aluminium frame so hope butted is OK! Rack mounted child seat?)

Titanium - corrosion resistance, maybe a little lighter. Harder to work/repair (will I ever need this?). Some query raised somewhere about metal on metal reactions with screws inserted into it?

Steel - more value for money elsewhere in the bike?

- Richard

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Very difficult to separate the material from the bike, you should take the whole package into consideration including geometry, components, etc. you can get tourers or racers in either material

But as a general rule, and IME, if you just want it for touring then steel would be the logical choice for value and comfort

I've always considered titanium to be on a par with the higher grades of steel, eg stainless, or 953 etc, in terms of weight and longevity, however these are harder to work with and will be expensive

posted by 700c [746 posts]
7th August 2013 - 15:29


I remember rust being a problem with chromed forks on the old hybrid. My old 5 speed tourer before that (£30 second hand, plus new cotter pins every month or so) didn't have problems with rust. I imagine it is a case of keeping on top of paint damage.

- Richard

(I used to commute 15 miles each way on that tourer, managed quite good times too.)

posted by m0rjc [36 posts]
7th August 2013 - 16:27