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by Prudential RideLondon   August 1, 2013  

The new annual world-class festival of cycling, Prudential RideLondon, will take place in London and Surrey on closed roads during the weekend of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August 2013. Prudential RideLondon will be the largest mass participation cycling festival ever held in the UK, with over 70,000 cyclists, including some of the world's top professionals, taking part across four separate events. Even if you're not taking part you may be affected as a large number of roads and bridges across London and Surrey will be closed, which will have major impact on transport along the route. Please take a look at the Prudential RideLondon website to see where the route goes and for more information to help you plan ahead for your travel across the weekend.

For more information please visit:

Have a fantastic weekend of cycling!

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Hey RL100, I saw in the magazine that you are only allowed to race if your bike has bar ends. What's up with that? How does that matter, and who is checking? Yeh I get you might spot someone without a helmet or on a recumbent bike, but no bar end?

One of my bar ends is the cap off a board marker, will that do?

Odds on a reply?

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer, I spat out Plath and Pinter.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1389 posts]
1st August 2013 - 21:45


The British Cycling road race rules require bar end plugs. I presume this is for safety reasons. I wouldn't want to fall on the unplugged end of someone's bars in a crash. I presume the organisers of this sportive have decided to take the same attitude as British Cycling do for races.

posted by lc1981 [53 posts]
1st August 2013 - 22:11


I guess it is the difference between getting a bruise and them breaking the skin in a crash?

British Triathlon have the same rule and the race referees check at registration/transition at the same time as checking you have a helmet and that it fits.

No idea if/how they'll check with so many people though.

posted by jstreetley [61 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 10:46


I would hope that people's sense of reponsibility would mean that they would follow the rules without the need for checks, but some of the things that I've heard about riders' behaviour on sportives recently suggests that that can't be taken for granted!

posted by lc1981 [53 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 11:19


Are we talking bar end plugs here? If so that's a commonly specified rule on events I've entered and makes sense..

posted by 700c [587 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 11:21


The bar-end plugs rule is just to prevent involuntary core samples.

posted by Hollisharri [37 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 11:31


Hi Ride London, I have a Bianchi jersey that lists all their classics victories, I can't seem to see "Surrey" on it. Surely this should come after Paris-Roubaix as all the others appear to be in alphabetical order. I can't seem to find the past results of the Surrey classic so I've been unable to verify Bianchi's past performances in this race but as this Classic has so much history I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the stone tablets you have the results etched on?

Thanks in advance...

posted by farrell [1557 posts]
2nd August 2013 - 12:06