I've managed to get myslef a fairly well paying internship this summer (breaking the trend of most uni students!) and so now I am finally ready to part with my hard-earned cash to buy a new bike. I'm basically looking for an endurance style bike since I'm likely to be doing longer rides, sportives, charity rides etc with my mates, nothing serious. The advice that I got from my local bike shop was either a Specialized Secteur Sport, Giant Defy 2 or a Bianchi Nirone 7 - all based on the three brands that they stock.

Since then, Ive found out that my dad may be able to get a bike with a decent discount through his work. This got me thinking that there must be other bikes available online and in larger bike shops that I should take into consideration, only problem is that I have no idea what ones to look for!

So I'm looking at spending below £1000 and preferably want bikes that are readily available online(wiggle, evans etc.) or in larger bike shops...

Thanks in advance,