I'm away from home at the moment, where I have two good quality foot pumps, and I need a decent pump to inflate my road bike tyres up to about 8 bar.

I was just looking for some advice. I'm thinking that either I just go out and buy a cheapish decent foot pump costing around £25. Or I buy a Lezeyne Micro drive pump. Has anyone used one of these and are they really good enough as a permanent footpump replacement?

I don't want to go out and buy a footpump as I'm going to be moving on in the near future and don't want to lug it about nor leave it here at my current pad.

The Lezeyne seems the logical choice as it is only £10 more!


MrBLH [26 posts] 4 years ago

I recently got the 'Lezyne Micro floor pump hp without gauge' and think it's great, I found it better than my older track pump at reaching high pressures >100 psi. A couple of recent reviews on wiggle are a bit bad and claim they break but I have personally had no issues in the month since buying it... hopefully I won't eat those words.

It will fit in a normal jersey pocket(with about 10cm still sticking out) so you can use it out on the road. I attach my spare tube to the shaft of the pump to give it a little more grip in my pocket on the UK's potholed roads.

Tom Amos [236 posts] 4 years ago


goldtop [11 posts] 4 years ago

I bought a Lezyne Classic Drive pump last year which I've hardly used (mostly just carried it around in my jersey pocket) but when I came to use it yesterday the locking mech had broken  14

I have a cheap Sports Direct floor pump with gauge which I use all the time on the family's 6 bikes and is still totally reliable a year on.