I am making this apology on behalf of myself, but also for the Roadcc Fantasy team.

Somewhere along the line, things got a bit screwed up with San Sebastian, I was asked to enter the provisional startlist. I was under the impression, whoever's tour it was would take it on from there.

Unfortunately, this didn't happen and I hadn't checked for a final startlist. This was only entered this morning.

So if you have ended up with non-riders, my apologies, you will still score points, but not for the non-riders.

I also have some thing else to point out. I noticed on the San Sebastian thread, some of the users KNEW the startlist was wrong, but didn't raise this until it was quite late and didn't give us a chance to make the changes.

This site is all about community spirit and I am a little disappointed no-one pointed this out sooner.

Keep that in mind for future events, even if you message me, we can then sort it out.

p.s. I fell victim and have non-riders, so you are not alone  3


sm [409 posts] 4 years ago

I don't think you need to apologise. You guys do a great job with this game. I got stung with SS but hey ho, there you go - sh*t happens eh? As you say, better if the players raise this rather than seek an uncompetitive advantage but on the whole I think people do.

Now, I just hope the combination of rodriguez and roche, does not outscore quintana and the non attending sammy sanchez which was an ill judged late transfer if ever I've seen one!

Keep up the good work guys.

chrisdstripes [1745 posts] 4 years ago

Thought I'd defend myself from GKam's outrageous slur!  3 I had a radio show at 8am this morning, briefly checked the startlist on Cycling Fever beforehand, noticed Sammy wasn't on there so quickly logged on to make a transfer. Was in such a rush it didn't even occur to me to check the forum, I had to write the news! It is nice when people point things out on the forum to help others (like in the TdF when I pointed out the early transfer deadline for the following day) but I hardly think its fair to suggest anyone was deliberately keeping info back. Normally I'd say something, this time I didn't/couldn't. No big deal - hope no-one's pissed off at me.

Timbo13 [264 posts] 4 years ago

Thank you for being open about the mix-up Gkam. As it was I was in bed regretting last nights works summer party, so missed the deadline anyway and have quite a few no shows. C'est la vie.

livestrongnick [2119 posts] 4 years ago

Started work at 6am today so i didn't get to check untill after the deadline so have 2 riders missing! But cest la vie just glad I've got all my Poland riders present and correct. Better these things happen in a 1 day race and not a grand tour.
Keep up the great work of running the game team  3