As I have mentioned in another thread, I am going on holiday to Moraira in Spain this summer. It is primarily a family holiday, but I hope to get out on a bike a bit while I'm there.

I've found two good bike hire places, but not sure which bike to go for (having never ridden either Orbea or Bergamont). Anyone got any thoughts?

Option 1: Orbea Onix with Ultegra

Option 2: Bergamont Team with SRAM Force

Option 3: Bergamont Dolce 9.2 with Ultegra

My UK ride is a BMC Racemaster SLX01 with 50mm carbon wheels if that helps give you a sense of what I like!

Any perspective appreciated.

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msw [113 posts] 4 years ago

I had an Orbea Onix with Ultegra until the beginning of this month when it got run over. I rode a Planet X Pro Carbon Road before, which was nominally more "racy" in geometry, and was lighter, but I was very happy with the Orbea. When the insurance comes through I'll be getting another.

Good points - very stable handling, doesn't mean "sluggish" but always felt comfortable descending and cornering.

Bad points - not many really, not the totally lightest bike but plenty light enough for me. It didn't leap forward like the old PX but that had full Dura-Ace and was ridiculously nippy. The "comfort/racy" geometry argument about very slightly taller headtubes seems like a non-issue to me really, you can always add/remove spacers or flip stems.

Tjuice [257 posts] 4 years ago

Hmm. Taller head tube on the Onix. I already ride with my stem slammed as low as it will go with stem flipped down and in traditional depth (i.e., non-compact) drops.

Anyone got any perspective on the Bergamonts? I had never heard of the brand before.