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by Cycle_Jim   July 22, 2013  

Looking at new bikes and wondering what can I get to be used for commuting mainly but still able to have some fun at weekends on? Budget is max £600! Tight I know! Oh and I'm a snob so NO halfords or evans brands please! Cool

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I was in a similar position recently. My lbs stock mostly Trek Cannondale and Giant and reckoned there was very little between them. They did reckon the Giant Defy 3 was on balance the best bet, although IIRC was around £650...haggle?

I eventually bought a used Bianchi Nirone 7 because they have good reviews and more importantly look fantastic....probably as good a reason as anything at this price point. After overcoming a few niggles I now love it Smile

posted by goldtop [12 posts]
22nd July 2013 - 19:50


Visit some shops and see what that have that fits and takes your fancy. All bikes are great nowadays, you're spoilt for choice.

Giant Defy would be my choice.

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posted by Simon E [2370 posts]
22nd July 2013 - 20:05


Nothing wrong with brands sold in halfords or Evans, in fact that's where I'd look with £600 to spend...

Otherwise I think you'd be better off getting 2nd hand if you want something more unique

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22nd July 2013 - 20:18


I'm considering that cherry red boardman, looks good. I have a good bike, I'd just rather keep it from being wrecked over winter. I have no problem with Halfords or evans, its the in house brands mainly! I keep scouring ebay but never seem to see anything thats quite right, never the right size! Just wondered if there were any suggestions...

posted by Cycle_Jim [282 posts]
22nd July 2013 - 21:11


Merlin cycle store- Sensa Umbria sora at £510.enough left in budget to buy some look keo pedals at half price £24.then sell wheels on new bike and put a bit of money to the sale to buy some lighter wheels

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22nd July 2013 - 22:11


Well you're looking at the right time, since the end of season sales are starting to kick in. I'd look for something around £800, then watch for the reductions. Think Evans have started, Cycle Surgery will be soon etc...

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

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22nd July 2013 - 22:14


You could also consult's list of the best £500-£900 bikes:£500-£900-road-bikes

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posted by Simon E [2370 posts]
23rd July 2013 - 9:30