No TDF, surrounded by disfunctional technology.

by bikeboy76   July 18, 2013  

This is a prime example of why you shouldn't sign up to be the first person to go to Mars; you don't want to be relying on technology to keep you alive for 4 years:

I am trapped in a world with no TDF coverage! Crying
My freeview box just won't pick up ITV4 channel 24 at all. It has been getting worse for days, the Tour and highlights became impossible to watch once the content got down to less than 50%. At least with old fashion TVs if you had a bad picture you could at least still see what was happening. Now it is black, one second footage, freeze, black. Rescanning doesn't help. Incredibly frustrating.

I have tried watching the highlights and live stream on ITVplayer but it has crashed my computer. After half a dozen blue screens of death and trying to download new graphics drivers with no improvement I have decided it is not worth the bother. Funny that this never happens with the BBC; no freezing up at ad breaks.

So I am reduced to reading reports of the stages and imagining the action. Not quite as vivid as usual.

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search for sportlemon tv on google.
Welcome to the internet.

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18th July 2013 - 15:04

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18th July 2013 - 18:57

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19th July 2013 - 16:08

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