when and what to eat

by spk   July 17, 2013  

need some advice on what to eat and when to eat before i take the bike out for a run. I know you shouldn,t eat to soon before you head out.I try to let dinner settle for a couple of hours before i usually head out. When i go for a morning ride before work i usually take a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter, then proper breakfast when i get back. I always take a bottle with me to keep fluids topped up. I only ride for fun and fitness.

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Its different with every person. Depending on how far you cycle, the weather and how much you weight. But that's getting technical.

I ALWAYS have something just before I get on the bike for a decent ride, something like, toast and jam or similar. Else it takes me a while to get going.

But I tend not to bother sticking to "rules" because they do not suit everyone and most people will sight the way pro's eat and train. I couldn't give a toss that Chris Froome eats a banana hear and a sausage there. I'm not a pro and the only person who knows MY body, is ME.

So if what you are doing works for you, why bother changing it?

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17th July 2013 - 22:23


Sounds good to me, cheers


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17th July 2013 - 22:27


Porridge for breakfast with bananas as good slow release energy.nice cup of coffee before you go,also depending on ride length take energy drink

posted by Shanefutcher [121 posts]
17th July 2013 - 22:34

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If it works for you then why change?

Why are you looking for advice? Hitting the wall mid-ride? Always tired? Not recovering well? I'd say to only change what you are doing if you feel there would be a benefit, otherwise there's no point.

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17th July 2013 - 23:06


I always try to eat a decent breakfast before a ride.
Something like porridge or bran flakes.
On the bike I try and eat something at least every 30-45 mins, generally a banana or maybe some malt loaf etc.

Like some have said eat when your body feels like you need something and not when your head tells you.

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18th July 2013 - 8:06


There will be nearly as many answers as contributors.

In the morning I have nothing or sometimes a tiny bowl of rice crispies with soya/rice milk before a morning ride/commute. Porridge with banana then a fresh coffee after.

For an evening ride or time trial I skip a meal and just have muesli with dried fruit so my body isn't trying to digest food as well as propel me along the road - it's not entirely happy doing both at once.

More ideas in some earlier discussions:

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18th July 2013 - 9:59


Its a personal thing as the guys say above.

For a morning ride porridge and bananas. Then some shot bloks on the ride or energy drink with good carbs in.

Afters more important IMHO. Get something down your neck to aid recovery. Some protein and carbs. (Chocolate milks good if you can tolerate it).

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18th July 2013 - 13:10


Marauder wrote:

Like some have said eat when your body feels like you need something and not when your head tells you.

Would have to respectfully disagree with this particular comment - regular, frequent eating/ drinking is essential to avoid the bonk, if you wait until your body says you need food, it may be too late

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22nd July 2013 - 16:41