So it’s about time for us to part, she’s not been ridden for quite a while and has just been taking up space in the shed – so it’s time.

I got her in October and got a newer bike in April, so she was only ridden for those 6 months – and to be honest, I barely rode her during Jan and Feb!

She rides very nicely, able to cope with any road surface and with those sturdy tyres she is able to cope with surfaces that you wouldn’t find on any roads. Her longest ride was 170 miles (Nottingham – Manchester – Nottingham ) and she handled it with ease!

From Feb till the end of March she was purely on the rollers so she really didn’t see the outdoors very much at all!

In a good condition as you would expect of a bike thats done so little, the only real thing thats been done is a saddle swap and a new set of pads (is that what they are called?) for the disc brakes – everything has been running super smoothly!

She cost £1,200 so I think with the amount of use she has had £600 + delivery is a fair price.

I’m in Nottingham, if you want to pick her up, a 25% deposit secures her.

Pictures can be found here