I put a post on my charity sportive FB page about going for a ride at the weekend. Before I knew it, a bunch of people had 'joined up' and we had a mini peloton going.

But out on the ride it felt wrong. As I rode along I could hear them chatting and laughing as they rode together down my favourite country lanes.

We had to wait for people to catch up. Other times I had to give directions. At the halfway stop they ordered lattes - one even had a bacon sandwich!

I wished I hadn't asked them along. Now they want to come every week, although not as early in the morning. I wanted to share my ride with them and now they've totally spoilt it.

Maybe I should try harder - or am I just antisocial?


arrieredupeleton [585 posts] 4 years ago

Either dump it or make money out of them. If people will pay £30-£40 for a sportive I reckon you should be coining it in.

Gkam84 [9111 posts] 4 years ago

How many people are we talking here?

Giving directions to people who didn't know the route is fine, but get a route done on one of the many sites and publish it, so people can put it into their GPS.

How long was the ride, It sounds like it could be a good Sunday ride out with friends.

I guess you didn't know many of the riders that turned up, why not get to know some of them and make it more of a "friends" only ride out?

SlowSPDRider [29 posts] 4 years ago


I think you may have answered your own question ;-).

But seriously well done on getting folk out to ride with you.

Bob'sbikes [857 posts] 4 years ago

I think you've answered your own question, Quote "Now they want to come every week, although not as early in the morning".Unquote, just carry on at your normal time which is too early for them.