Aluminium Lighter??

by adriank999   July 16, 2013  

When I had a cut tyre on my Pinnacle Stratus 3 bought a few years ago I had to resort to Lettice, the French mixte I rescued from the tip until I got a new tyre.

I decided to weigh both bikes in similar set up, including rack. I did this by standing on he scales and holding each bike in turn. Guess what, both readings the same at about 90Kg. Now I weigh about 77Kg in shorts and shoes so the bikes both weigh about 13 Kg. Not bad for a bike frame from around 1980.

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A frame is only about 10-15% of the weight of a bike, the components are more significant. My cheap (£600 - bottom of the range with triple chainset) Specialized Secteur comes in at 11.2kg with rack and a few other bits and bobs and that's aluminium with carbon fork and the wheels are none too light. Use the same weighing method; not sure how accurate it is but probably good enough. Don't know much about the Pinnacle bike but that seems a little heavy for a modern bike - nearly 2kg heavier than mine. And when I ride it with my lock and tool bag, which takes the weight up to 13kg, I can tell the difference.

Did my weighing so I could have two bikes on Strava; one with and one without my lock and tool bag, as I assume it takes the weight into consideration when calculating power. Therefore I can compare performances with both set-ups.

posted by Alan Tullett [1276 posts]
16th July 2013 - 10:05

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Alan, thanks for the info, Lettice has simple alloy rims, what looks like light handlebars and old Michelin tyres which may well be lighter than the Pinnacle. I didn't weigh with locks as my D lock must be 2-3 Kg and when I put my bike bag on it increases the weight, the inner tube, patches, Allen keys, two cables, first aid kit, hat, 1/2 litre of drink plus the water in the bottle ....... no kitchen sink though. It amazes me when you see riders apparently without even a repair outfit or pump on the Bath Bristol cycle path. Perhaps I am a bit over cautious Smile

Mixte Rider

posted by adriank999 [50 posts]
16th July 2013 - 12:27

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