no idea what unchartered territory I'm stepping into here, but basically i've been offered a standard wheelset (Alex AT400) from a Genesis Equilibrium 10 2012, and I have a Genesis Croix de Fer 2013 which has disc brakes.

Q: is it possible to fit a disc hub to a standard road wheelset and be completely fine? In my head it works but I don't know why. Or why it wouldn't.

I'm thinking this: http://www.evanscycles.com/products/shimano/xt-m756-freehub-6-bolt-disc-...


jonb [39 posts] 4 years ago

Well yes, but you'll just be dismantling one set of wheels and building another set using the Alex rims and the XT hubs. You'll probably need new spokes, and unless you're happy building wheels (which is fun to do) you'll need to pay someone to build them for you. Unless you wanted another set of wheels for the Croix de Fer and particularly like the Alex rims then I probably wouldn't bother.

XT hubs would be fine though - the Croix de Fer has 135mm rear spacing