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by   July 15, 2013  

I am looking for a bike rack for my new handsome Trek road bike. What bike racks do you guys recommend? What racks / solutions do you use yourself?

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I have found a few myself so far, but still cant make up my mind:

Not too expensive, which is something I like

This one you can move around

I dont know about the price, but I like the way it looks!products/c3nx

posted by michael land (not verified) [309 posts]
15th July 2013 - 10:18


Not the cheapest, but the Cycloc is pretty cool and works well in an indoor setting where the look of the rack matters. My sons track bike lives in one in his bedroom and I think it works well.

There's a review on this site at or the manufacturers glossy pitch at

Wiggle currently has it for £50 if you are interested.

posted by FMOAB [262 posts]
17th July 2013 - 21:38


Very funny, people.

Can I assume the OP was asking about a rack to mount to their bike, to carry luggage, rather than a rack on which to mount / hand / display / show off their bike?

If I'm right - anything by tubus or tortec is good. Just decide if you want a springy clip up top, or not. (I vote not, they're more bother than they're worth).

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posted by PJ McNally [602 posts]
17th July 2013 - 21:58