It's a real shame there's not an amnesty during the longer races for Purist team. I've lost 4 of the team I chose (1 non-starter and 3 dropped out) - I know it's unfortunate, but would love to have a half-way point where you can actually swap out perhaps just non-competing riders (rather than drop anyone that's not performing).


Headless Chicken [10 posts] 4 years ago

Last year there was 2 unlimited windows during the grand tours. So even the Purist could update their teams.

drheaton [3323 posts] 4 years ago

I don't remember there being unlimited windows in the middle of any stage race ever.

It's tough on purist teams but that's why they're in a separate league. Purist teams have no chance of competing for the overall so you're just competing against other purist teams and all purist teams start from the same place.

Purist teams are the closest reflection of the real racing you can get in the game. Pro teams lose riders and they can't draft in replacements during the rest days, they just get on with it.

If you don't think a rider can make it through three weeks (Rohan Dennis for example was one a lot of people liked but I thought wouldn't manage a full race) then you shouldn't pick them.

There can be bad luck though (Bouhanni, Peraud this morning etc) but it's equal for everyone. Everyone has the same chance and the same information available at the start of the race and that's what makes the purist comp so difficult and for me so much fun.

dave atkinson [6351 posts] 4 years ago

maybe i should add a rule 5 button  39

purist is purist. if your riders smash themselves up or get the runs, then that's bike racing. there's never been unlimited windows in the grand tours, that has only happened in the classics.