Hi everyone, I recently broke some SRAM shifters and decided to replace with Shimano but with the old SRAM rear mech - I had no idea that the cable ratios on SRAM and Shimano are totally different!

SRAM and Shimano seem to be compatible on front mechs but not on the rear.

Does anyone know if Shimano is compatible with Campag?

Thanks very much!


mattsccm [363 posts] 4 years ago

Nope. Generally nothing Campag matches. I suppose brakes do but each manufacturer does have its own pull so I guess even those might be a no. Shimano cassettes match SRAM and that's about it. I think SRAM and Shimano front mechs swap, my MTB ones do but nowadays it is safest to say that in theory nothing is interchangeable. Of course you could start thinking about shimergo but you had better look at the CTC forum for that.
Exceptions can be made but they can be experimental.