Hi everyone, a group of us have entered the Bike 4 Cancer London to Brighton Bike Ride - it takes place on Sunday the 8th of September 2013. More info here http://www.bike4cancer.org/london-to-brighton-bike-ride

It's good that riders are limited to 5,000 cyclists - I rode in the British Heart Foundation event a few years back and didn't really enjoy it - 30,000 riders was too large a group for me. The potential to clip wheels was immense and people just stopped in the middle of the lanes for no apparent reason.

Aside from my concerns about being clipped in amongst so many cyclists, the big question is how do we get back from Brighton after the ride?

Did anyone ride in the BHF event in June? I have heard that the train companies were totally unhelpful and didn't allow more than about two bikes on each carriage - is this true?

We don't really want to hire a van to get us home so we're looking at an overnight stay with a ride back the following day.

Any views/advice regarding the train situation would be greatly appreciated!


bashthebox [752 posts] 4 years ago

I think they normally put on coaches for these things? As far as I'm aware (never done the official London to Brighton rides but have lived in Brighton and near stations on the BTN-LDN railway) you won't be able to take any bikes on the trains. FCC and Southern don't let ANY bike on that weekend, nor on the monday after.... and they most certainly don't put on extra carriages. Unhelpful fuckers.
So, yeah. I expect there'll be coaches you can buy tickets in advance for.
Or just turn round and ride back!

Gkam84 [9113 posts] 4 years ago

You could go and use this as a warm up, the get yourself signed up as a team to the Silverstone 24h that I'll be helping with on the weekend of the 14/15th September  3http://www.thesilverstone24.com/