I have been commuting and doing long rides on my own. I have some experience of group rides from the sky ride difficult (thats not the word) rides and want to move on to learn group riding proper. Am considering the Edinburgh RC development group ride tomorrow.

Does anyone have any tips?

The bikes not really flash (dolomite 2 Sora 2012 mech) and I have just started to ride clipless and tote my spare tubes and tools in a rucksack (am going to buy a saddle bag today/early tomorrow). Theres only one bottle cage on too (though I managed 30 miles on a strong porridge breakfast with just one water bottle).

I can maintain 14-15 MPH on my own for around 30 miles and did for 20 miles last night.(Did so on Saturday last on an undulating route, no real climbs (out to Hopetoun house via Winchburgh and back).

Sorry for the rant but appreciate any help here as I am swithering over whether to go along tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.



Raleigh [1667 posts] 4 years ago

Definitely go.

Cyclists are pretty nice and understanding (must be all the fresh air)

Swindaloo [16 posts] 4 years ago

Hey, ERC member here, definitely go along!

Your bike will be well up to the task and your fitness will be fine. You can always throw your tubes and tools in a jersey pocket, a rucksack in this heat can't be fun.

Who ever is leading the development ride will announce themselves before 9:50 and wait for the 9:45 group to leave. They'll tell you about the hand signals we use before you set off. From what I remember its usually a slightly shorter route from our Saturday chaingang.

Just show up and have fun!

Gman59c [58 posts] 4 years ago

No question, go!!

I joined my local club in Ayrshire recently and its been great. I have noticed a huge improvement in both my fitness and speed. I was probably averaging around 15.5mph before starting, last night my average speed over 40 miles was 18.1mph. The guys in the club will help you push yourself to the next level.

Each and every person has been welcoming and they won't care about what bike you ride, everyone one has to start somewhere.

SlowSPDRider [29 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks all

Went out for 42 miles with Edinburgh RC. Cracking company , learned loads and was introduced to the chain gang . Great fun . Will be back next week. Everyone was welcoming to a newbie .

Legs only started to scream a wee bit at the climb at Duddingston Loch at the end where I got dropped . Great fun had by all. I cannot wait to go back and learn more . And to start the long road to improvement . And more milk shakes at the black medicine coffee shop.

Next get a couple of bits of gear: a cycle jersey and to wear sunscreen on my now pink arms.