Pants with Meat!

by John N   July 12, 2013  

Just last Monday I was coming to the end of a pleasant ride into work (17 miles) when I hit a pothole / depression on the Oxford ring road cycle path resulting in coming down. I was wearing some Altura padded underpants with my normal Canterbury Cotton shorts over, and an HH high breath top. Gravel rash on arm not so bad but on my thigh from hip to just above knee is extremely painful. When I get back on the bike I want a little more protection. Something like lederhosen (such that if a subsequent occourence happens won't burn and weld itself to the remnants of my skin)but lighter. Happy to pay for the right apparrel but not into paying big bucks for fancy names / fashion statements. Similarly, I'm happy to try and go a little faster than yesterday but won't buy performance clothing just to save a second on a PB. I'm a tracksters sort of a bloke.
Any reccomendations before I hit the shops in a couple of weeks?

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Some endura mtb overshorts would help if you really want just more fabric (they are pretty tough)

Also suggest you maybe try some mtbing too, helps you to deal better with bumps and unexpected changes in the surface, and good fun too!

Eg these:

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12th July 2013 - 11:00


Have you heard of a new wonder material called 'lycra.' It makes your legs and bum look great, it protects you at high speed by giving you a feeling of invincibility like Superman.

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12th July 2013 - 14:03


Been through the MTB stage back in the 90's - I'm old enough to appreciate mudguards now. I fill out my tracksters nicely. Local shop thought MTB shorts (long) were the way to go as well. Might look into Lycra again but I always found the leg gripper uncomfortably tight on me. Any other suggestions or should I consider cutting down some jeans?

posted by John N [7 posts]
12th July 2013 - 18:15