A friend of mine lent me his EDGE 705 for a couple of months, which got me hooked. Now having to reluctantly give it back, I'm looking to buy a gps unit of my own. The only feature I'm really after is to be able to record my rides and upload them to strava/gc/ridewithgps etc. It is entirely possible that I will have to move house in a couple of months, which would mean getting rid of most of my bikes, so I was thinking of getting Garmin's watch instead of a bike computer, so I could use it without a bike. One thing that worries me is GPS accuracy of a garmin watch compared to a garmin cycle computer when on a bike - are they fairly similar? And as one of my laptops runs linux where garmin software isn't really available, does the watch show up as an external drive so i could upload .gpx files manually from there as I did with the 705?

many thanks


Stumps [3479 posts] 4 years ago

A lad at work has the Garmin Forerunner attached to his bike and he has said that the gps function is absolutely brilliant, getting down to within 15ft of where he is.

He highly recommends them but a bit to pricey for me.

Sadly Biggins [272 posts] 4 years ago

I've recently gone for the Garmin Edge 500 but before that used Mrs Biggins' Forerunner 110. I also had a Cateye Velo for speed/cadence on the bike and the distance on the Cateye (and on my friend's Cateye when we were riding together) always tallied with the distance on the Forerunner. I wouldn't have any concerns on the accuracy front.

I don't have any idea about uploading .gpx files I'm afraid. My guess with the Forerunner 10 would be no but that's just a guess. You could try contacting Garmin who are usually quite helpful.

charlie_elise [17 posts] 4 years ago

I've got the Forerunner 910xt for triathlon, which would probably be a bit much for what you need it for - unless you swim regularly and want to record that too. It's multisport so you can switch between modes (and you can set it to switch automatically during a race).

It's not great for getting lost and finding your way home but it's good for recording and seems to be accurate. And it has a bike mount which I quite like - you can put it on the bars and the take it off and attach to a wrist-strap to use it like a watch. (It is actually the size of my wrist so you wouldn't catch me rocking it day-to-day though)