Rapha Etape Jersey 2013

by chiefoldmist   July 10, 2013  

I ordered a Rapha Etape Jersey 2013 (http://www.rapha.cc/etape-jersey-2013) prior to going to do the Etape.

Having completed the stage I tried on the jersey to find that the "medium" that I ordered is too small and I need a "large".

Rapha have sold out of the jersey totally and cannot exchange it.

Does anybody out there have a "large" size that they want to swap for a "medium"?


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Well done/bump/good luck.

this is the sort of thing you need :
It is a small so no good but ebay is your best chance now. If you have an account save the search 'rapha etape' to send you an email and just wait. Anything listed fitting that search will be emailed daily to you and you can fork out. Though the ebay market for Rapha is pretty expensive as well rapha is just expensive anyway so people are always competing on there to snap up a 'bargain'

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11th July 2013 - 21:23


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12th July 2013 - 6:12


Thanks both for the comments.

Have now "watched" that jersey, will see where it ends up.

posted by chiefoldmist [65 posts]
12th July 2013 - 7:30



I also took part in the Etape last week, and it was awesome! I stupidly didn't buy a Jersey on the Saturday as the queses were so long and thought I'd pick one up on the Sunday. Unsurprisingly they only has small left! I don't suppose you fancy selling your medium to a desperate man? If so, drop me a line; jamescorbridge@hotmail.com
Cheers either way fellow Etape'r.

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15th July 2013 - 12:54