Has anybody got or tried the Fizik R1 2012 shoes? Some seriously good deals online for them at the minute but not a huge amount of reviews on them and unfortunately none of my friends wear them. I currently wear Lakes which fit like a glove but the Fiziks do look rather nice pieces of kit!


seanieh66 [196 posts] 4 years ago

fullers1979 - I have a pair of the black R1s with the full kangaroo treatment and they are way better than the Sidis i used to wear. Not such a common brand for shoes, but then again Lakes aren't exactly that common too. Mine fit really well and R1s come with a moldable inner sole that you pay extra for if you buy the R3s. Closure is easy and very adjustable. The leather is bomb proof and I guess you're best going with black too as the UK weather won't be kind to the bling white ones. Newer 2013 R1s have a lot less leather and more mess, but mine are perfectly fine and I ride in consistently hotter and more humid climates.