Vermarc UK

by Some Fella   July 6, 2013  

Does anyone know what is happening with Vermarc UK?
Their website has been down for over a week for 'maintenance' and they have even slipped off google.
Seems a very odd time to go off line - what with Cavendish in a new national champs jersey that people may want to buy (not me i hasten to add) and there being a small bike race on in France and all.

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Planet X have been selling a lot of Vermarc stuff off.


posted by joeegg [41 posts]
7th July 2013 - 8:28


Theyve got a new UK disty if thats maybe why? ChickenCycleKit have taken them on the OPQS stuff looks to be available on various sites.
PlanetX does have their own branded Vermarc stuff.

posted by Farky [186 posts]
9th July 2013 - 10:18

10 Likes will be re-launching very, very soon...

posted by rwl1992 [1 posts]
20th June 2014 - 9:27