As compared to wheelchairs, cycling does make movement more independent and quick for the disabled, and as compared to motorized or electric modes of transport, it is most cost efficient.

People with disabilities and various health problems benefit with the opportunity to exercise that cycling offers. For their benefit thus, adapted cycles are created, which are tailor made to extend greatly the speed, range and flexibility of travel in comparison to wheelchair.

In order to facilitate the growing need of various kinds of cycles for the physically challenged, number of organizations have come into existence with the sole motive of supporting the disabled cyclists and people with physical disabilities interested in choosing cycling as an option over wheelchairs and other forms of independent mobility.

The United Kingdom’s governing body for cycle sports for people with physical disabilities – the British Cycling often conducts competitive cycling events for disabled cyclists, which has given a real boost to the number of people with disabilities and various health problems that are showing inclination towards cycling. The organization conducts cycling competitions under three broad categories – visual impairment, cerebral palsy and loco-motor (limb) disabilities. It has been doing exemplary work in helping children and adults with special needs to start cycling.

Many companies and nonprofits now work closely with British Cycling to bring out to the community that there are opportunities for disabled people to compete in competitive cycling competitions at all levels.
There’re experts, cycling champions, philanthropists and others who believe that for people with disabilities cycling offers fun, exercise and independent mobility. But, it’s an assumption that many cycles are brought (for their use) without impartial expert advice. That said, more bike light accessory companies with community interest, need to take on this void as an opportunity to help individuals and charities etc, make the right choice when it comes to picking adapted cycles and accessories for their needs.

Being really vigilant while picking a modified bicycle is because there are a wide range of cycles made for various physical disabilities. Such adapted cycles include recumbent bicycles, handcycles and tricycles etc.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that disabled can derive from cycling:
• Independent mobility: Independence in mobility is the primary benefit the people with disability and health problems derive from cycling. Cycling allows the individual to move around without assistance own his own
• Exercise: Cycling allows individuals the ability to move their limbs and body, which transcends into meaningful exercise
• Enormous fun: Cycling isn’t fun just for the able bodied individuals, cycling can also be extreme fun for physically disabled, who get an opportunity to move out of the mundane wheelchairs and move about more freely and quickly

Thus, it can be concluded that the benefits of cycling are same for the disabled and the able bodied. Besides giving independence and adding to fun, cycling also promotes physical and mental wellbeing. On wheelchair the opportunity to exercise is limited, which leads to weight gain and poor blood circulation, but cycling allows the individual to exercise and thus helps him or her eliminate such problems.

Author: Cyclist by the day and writer by the night,Adam Jackson spends half of his money on solo and group bike tours. Be it the charming countryside or challenging hill terrain, he's has tasted everything with his two bikes, fully equipped with all safety gear, lights and other sports camera.


ray silvester [1836 posts] 4 years ago

Probably not the correct forum but an interesting article all the same.

Gkam84 [9113 posts] 4 years ago

YES YES and YES. Just like J E James Cycles helped me last year. Because no charity would. I had to turn to social funding (crowd sourcing) to afford a recumbent trike to suit my needs as a disabled cyclist. This meant, I raised the money, mainly from the kindness of users around this site who chipped in what they could afford. J E James served as a buyer for me, gaining the trade discount and passing that straight onto me without taking any profit.

If you are thinking of doing something like you outlined above, I would love to get involved with you. Get in touch  3