BBC reporting sad news this morning that will surely spark more debate on cycling safety:


A cyclist riding a Boris bike has died after a crash involving a lorry in east London.

The female cyclist, who was thought to be 17, was hit on Barclays Cycle Superhighway 2 outside Aldgate East station on Friday evening.

London Ambulance Service was called to the scene at 1830 BST and she was taken to a hospital, but pronounced dead.

Transport for London said it was the first fatality involving a "Boris bike" since the scheme started in 2010.


TeamCC [146 posts] 3 years ago

First death in three years, thinking of our infrastructure and how many tourists using bikes with cars on the opposite side of the road, this was expected but doesn't make me feel that the Boris Bikes are unsafe. Definitely feel sorry for the family, they will also have a hyped up media in their face as this is the first Boris Bike death. Capital Cycles

tired old fart [77 posts] 3 years ago

Lorry driver again!!!!!!!!!!!!! When oh when will these people stop having such a self serving attitude to driving? It is costing people their lives, their daughters, sons, mothers and fathers.
They are not just destroying the life of one individual it is also the lives of their loved ones. Lorry drivers need to be a lot more aware and an example needs to be made why not imprison this one for 35 years no parole lifetime driving ban and lifetime public transport ban. Force him/her onto a bike when he/she gets out of prison let him/her see what it is like to be on a bike.

londonplayer [621 posts] 3 years ago

How does the UK's accident death rate for cyclists compare with other european countries? I find it hard to believe that in the Netherlands and Denmark cyclists are killed at the same rate as in the UK. Coming so soon after the LEJOG incident, I'm thinking of ditching the bike myself. I see so many bad examples of driving every day in London and have a lot of near-misses even though I ride defensively.