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by chadders   July 4, 2013  

Looking at doing the Way of the roses in early September, accommodation prices reasonable check, bike and panniers check cost of getting from Bridlington back to north wales £140 for two of us and not guaranteed to be allowed on the train as the 2 cycle spaces are already booked on the 3 trains home. When you phone to try and sort getting the bike on the train companies don't seem to want you on their trains. is it worth not booking and wingin it, anyone out there got any advice or tips.

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£140 on the train? If you have a cage, surely it would be less expensive to drive there ?

posted by Hector Ch [54 posts]
4th July 2013 - 19:20


Cycling from Morecambe, not an out and back route.

Chadders x

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posted by chadders [82 posts]
4th July 2013 - 19:26


I regularly take my bike around on trains.
Also regularly deal with taking it on the tube as well.

tbh there is so much hype about taking a bike on trains but it's really not that difficult.

Just make sure you get there on time, get to the front where the guard's van is and chuck it in.

I've also just had it with me by my seat a few times, and its never been a problem.

I agree with the train companies not wanting to deal with you on the phone though.

The most classic exchange I've ever had was asking about where the conductor would be so I could get him to open the van, to which the idiot on the phone replied:

"Either at the front of the train, the rear, or somewhere in the middle."

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
4th July 2013 - 22:34


Northern from Brid to Sheffield or Doncaster, no bike reservation required. Bike space is in the middle of the train, and is lightly used, though often full of pushchairs during school hols.

Transpennine, from York to Liverpool/Manchester, cycle storage in middle of train, by fold up seats. Often used by commuters and free the rest of the time. No bike reservation required.

Both have markings by the relevant door. Had odd hassle from lobotomised (and non cycling) commuters on Transpennine, but never a problem on Northern.

Don't know about other routes, but I'd guess if they're using the Pennine trains from Sheffield, Northern to Sheffield, Transpennine onwards would probably sort you out. As for North Wales, only been on a train there twice, once in, once out. Never again...

posted by robdaykin (not verified) [309 posts]
5th July 2013 - 8:31

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That said, Northern also ban all bikes from all trains from all Blackpool stations on the day of Manchester to Blackpool so they're not always the cyclists friend.

Although I understand that if they allowed trains that day they would be mullered with cyclists, however I dont understand why they don't do an hourly Football Special type of train just for bikes/cyclists?

posted by farrell [1954 posts]
5th July 2013 - 9:39


You usually get at least one person on a Northern Fail train looking at you like you have seven heads when you attempt to put a bike in the bike section but the hectors are always fine about them. At the very worst I've been asked to stand with my back near the back of the train when it's been busy.

Only Virgin trains and their roboplegic wrongcock staff tend to act like proper weapons about it.

posted by farrell [1954 posts]
5th July 2013 - 9:45

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Thanks for the comments. Sent an email to TPE and got a positive reply saying if I am refused travel on the train booked I can get on another subject to availability or they will refund my ticket. Only problem is my train is quite late so could end up getting home after midnight!!!!

Chadders x

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posted by chadders [82 posts]
5th July 2013 - 16:24