I finally managed to get hold of a NOS 1982 Colnago Super with just just cosmetic wear. I am planning to make a modern build with 10 spd Campagnolo Veloce set with Ultrashift gearshifters and Ultratorque crankset, 3T stem, seatpost, handlebars and a San Marco Regale saddle.

For wheels I am thinking of making a handbuilt set with :

Ambrosio Zenith Hubs
Ambrosio Nemesis Rims
Sapim double butted Spokes

with 32/36 spokes front/rear wheel. My budget is 400-500 Euros max and the other 2 options I have is

Flo 30 Wheelset (Clydesdale 28/28 spokes)

Campagnolo Zonda 2013 (18/21 spokes) (low count for my size?)

I am using a set of DA C24 on the bike I use now. I weight 93 kilos and i am 1.92 m

My question is should I go a custom wheelset or a factory set ?

I am doing 70-120 km weekend rides with friends to keep fit for 200-300 audaxes we are doing.

I would like the bike to be able to climb ... we got 2 audaxes with 3200m and 4000m in 2 months ...


700c [1171 posts] 4 years ago


Go custom!

Stainless steel spokes, you can still get a pretty light rim to lace them on to

You've already got modern looking carbon wheels on the other bike in the form of the Dura Ace C24

700c [1171 posts] 4 years ago

PS the Zondas, although wouldn't look right for this project, are more than strong enough for your weight,

Don't let the low spoke count fool you, they are very strong and stiff, look at the way they are laced on the rear -great for power transfer

Under other circumstances I'd recommend them for heavier riders

TheHatter [770 posts] 4 years ago

I'd say go custom
ps you know Nemesis are tubs only?

kupepe [29 posts] 4 years ago

Yes I know they are tubs. So are the C24. The juice inside gives u some piece of mind with normal punctures.

I chose Ambrosio for being dark, hard ... and it's legacy ... to go with a frame that has some of it's own.

I am up to suggestions for other rims... as long as they are black and the breaking surface wont go wear off to silver easily

therevokid [1015 posts] 4 years ago

wheelsmith now stock "nemesis" clinchers - I have some
built onto Royce with CX-Rays .... bloody gorgeous  1