Squeaky cleats

by ade   July 1, 2013  

I've recently got some second hand (but good nick) Time RXS carbon pedals and a new pair of cleats, but the buggers are squeaking like I've somehow trapped a mouse between them. My shoes have carbon soles, but all the bolts are tight so I think it's between the cleat and pedal.

Any ideas? On quiet roads it drives me a bit nuts!

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Oil and more oil...

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posted by liam.cahill1 [42 posts]
1st July 2013 - 22:41


It could be that they need to get dirty...

Seriously, you know the expression 'squeaky clean'.

If cleats are very new or very clean just walking through some dirt or sand can help.

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posted by abudhabiChris [660 posts]
2nd July 2013 - 8:16


I have a pair of brand new Espresso 8s on my KTM, do the same annoying thing, drives me crazy. Oddly, my two month old iClic2s on the BMC are dead silent, and that's using the same cleats/shoes...

Have heard that putting oil can work, although it wears away quickly (especially in the wet). Have also heard candle wax works too. Am going to give that a try one of these days.

Have also heard a joke to use "nose grease".... Haven't tried that one! Wink

posted by Hector Ch [54 posts]
4th July 2013 - 19:30


GT85. Bosh

posted by ptun74 [2 posts]
5th July 2013 - 9:50


Is the squeak between the cleat and pedal? ie the contact?

If so, here is a little tip I got from mechanic - a bit of mr.sheen (or I am sure other polish will work!) and away you go.

posted by Super Domestique [1686 posts]
5th July 2013 - 10:24


Thanks for the tips everyone!

Candle wax or Mr Sheen sound like good suggestions. I'm a bit wary of putting lube on my cleats though - I don't want to go arse over tit when I'm walking around.

I'll report back when I've tried them.

posted by ade [84 posts]
5th July 2013 - 10:26


GT85 is a better polish than a lubricant as it has teflon in it. It's too dry to cause you to slide. Does the same job as the beeswax in Mr Sheen but your feet will smell like a bike shop rather than a nest of tables. Big Grin


posted by arrieredupeleton [586 posts]
5th July 2013 - 10:51


Maybe I should Mr Sheen one cleat and GT85 the other to see if there's an obvious difference?

Thanks though - useful info.

posted by ade [84 posts]
5th July 2013 - 12:15


That would just smell wrong


posted by arrieredupeleton [586 posts]
5th July 2013 - 12:41


GT85 worked a treat. I have the pedals and cleats a good squirt, wiped off the excess and left them all to dry - squeaks gone!

Cheers all.

posted by ade [84 posts]
8th July 2013 - 13:57