Planet X CT45 Carbon Clincher Wheelset - Any Good???

by Gman59c   July 1, 2013  

I'm thinking of splashing out on a set of carbon wheels and came across the Planet X CT45's

Has anybody got any experience of them? If so how do they perform?


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Never tried them mate... But I've got a pair of 50mm carbon clinchers from china.... £300 and couldn't recommend them enough!!

posted by 8701dg [13 posts]
1st July 2013 - 21:50


See picture...


posted by 8701dg [13 posts]
1st July 2013 - 21:56


The CT45's have only been on sale for a few months so experience maybe hard to get.

For what it's worth I have a set of PX 62mm clinchers. I love the rear wheel but hate the front. Don't get me wrong, there's nowt wrong with it. I just don't like the way the bike is balanced, handles and feels compared to the PX Model B on the front. There again I'm not a fan of long flat and fast sections of road.

Had I not splashed out on them, the CT45 would be on the bike now.

posted by Yorkshie Whippet [399 posts]
3rd July 2013 - 8:41


Just had a look at the PX website

My initial impressions are that they seem heavy - particularly in clincher form - but as usual for the company they are reasonably good value..

It would depend on what kind of riding you do - the tubular version would make a reasonable all round wheelset - less affected by cross winds than most, some aerodynamic advantage from the depth and light weight for hills, but of course many are scared of tubs (don't be!)

The clincher - I don't see the point, frankly. For TT, go deeper for the same weight, for an all-round wheelset, any aero advantage is negated by the extra weight, may as well stick to aluminium

posted by 700c [626 posts]
3rd July 2013 - 12:46