The Tour has begun and as long as I see the last five seconds of stage one I hope we will get the result we all want and see Cav in yellow. But what an epic weekend if you love world class sport. As well as the tour, it is Wimbledon People's Saturday, The British Grand Prix, Confederation Cup final AND GLASTONBURY!!! Glasto; Arctic Monkeys and the Rolling Stones, and new bands to discover, already getting interested in Foals.
Thank the lord for the BBC (and ITV4) for giving me a chance to keep up with all this. I wish I could be at all these events, but this isn't Groundhog Day.
Then I have all the usual dishes, washing and ironing my shirts to do, how to fit it all in? And finally getting up early for a bit of a ride on my bike on Sunday morning...

How are you coping?


Raleigh [1667 posts] 4 years ago

Hoy, Kenny and Trott are obviously going to be watching the magasine programme tonight; did anyone else see them at Wimbles?

Leviathan [3025 posts] 4 years ago

Hamilton! Robson! Cavend- oh there's been a crash. Well at least we can rely on Jagger to put in a good performance.