I have been just using a mountain bike for last 4/5 years doing on and off road and am looking for the best place to buy a second hand road bike for a 47 year old beginner! And what do you recommend? I was looking for something not too expensive to see how much I enjoy it.


TheHatter [770 posts] 8 years ago

I'd say a lot depends on your budget and how mechanically inclined you are. You may be better off getting one of the entry level models from halfords and then off loading it when/if you want something better - the carrera virtuosa seems to get reasonable reviews for the money (around 300 quid).
If you're more in the <200 quid range then watching the classifieds on sites such as this or ebay. If ebay I'd definitely recomend getting a whole bike rather than trying to build parts up as this is almost always more costly.
Posting wanted ads may get you somewhere as bike folk tend to be friendly and willing to offload their old steeds - I gave away quite a decent old 531 framed bike a while ago to a mate getting in to the sport (admittedly i now deeply regret it!).