Dear all,

As a design student I am conducting an online survey about the usage of cycling apps, cycling computers and GPS devices. This survey is part of a research design project for the Delft University of Technology.
The smartphone is getting more and more used during a ride on the bike and a great variety of cycling apps is currently available. Some apps combine speed, cadence, heart rate or even power sensors. Smartphones are getting closer to dedicated GPS devices, but both devices have their pros and cons.

With this survey the current situation and needs regarding cycling information on the bike will be analysed. Moreover, suggestions from users for improvements or new features can be used as input for a new design.

If you are familiar with the topic I would be very grateful if you could take the time to answer the survey. Your information will be treated both confidentially and anonymously.

If you have any questions regarding this survey you can contact me on the following email adres:

F.vanSchaik [at] student.tudelft.nl

Thanks in advance.