A few months ago, i couldn't ride a bike or run long distances due to injuries and problems i had throughout my childhood, but now with a lot of support, my confidence had rapidly grown and i am looking to complete 4 challenges in order to raise money for a couple of charities close to my heart. My challenges i've set myself are- the 3 peaks challenge (Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike) within 24 hours, cycling 100 miles, swimming 1 mile in a pool (52 lengths) and running a half marathon. Does anyone have any training methods they have that could help me keep in shape and build endurance ready for these challenges?


enrique [2386 posts] 4 years ago

Well, the first thing I'd ask is, where are you right now? How much are you running? How much are you swimming? How much are you cycling? What's your weekly shedule like exercise-wise? I know some about the cycling, swimming and running...