The bike currently has a set of RXS pedals on it and i think i am going to have to admit they are dead, if i pull up it feels like the cleats (new cleats) will come out.

Question is do i get a new set of RXS or look at the Xpressos?

Has anyone got any feedback?

I assume i can't just use my current cleats in the Xpresso pedals as well?


Hector Ch [55 posts] 4 years ago

I just installed Xpresso 8s on my KTM, they're great!

In terms of 'feel' I prefer my iClic2 pedals though on my BMC. Can't say why, just do.

You are correct, your RXS cleats will not work in Xpressos or iClics.

iClic2 and Xpresso use the same cleats though.