I'm after some nice bib shorts, something suitable for 6ft, 30" waist (i.e. tall and slim!). For reference I currently wear a medium in DHB bibs. Looking for something relatively understated, black or black/white, so no 'team' clothing or flashy neon colours please. Quite like the Rapha Classic bibs but the new price is far too much IMHO. Quite tempted on the DHB Pro but thought I'd check to see if anybody had anything else before buying new.

What you got?


Al'76 [110 posts] 4 years ago

You really want second hand bibs  13
Please buy the DHB Aeron Pros; I have a couple of pairs. Love 'em and I'm the only person that has worn them!

Scientist [3 posts] 4 years ago

No, no, not really super used bibs but something new or only used on a couple of rides would be ok. Appreciate that it might be a push but thought I'd see if someone had bought some the wrong size, didn't like them, or whatever.

Really tempted on the DHB Pro! The look really nice. I tried some on ages ago but they were... Ahem... slightly more revealing in the front of the pad than I was used to  1 (pad seemed quite thin at the front but may be the newer ones are better?)

therevokid [1020 posts] 4 years ago

pair of Castelli Free Aero Race in "team" black/grey/white
and medium ? Mine are for sale - worn once !

Like these ... http://www.wiggle.co.uk/castelli-free-aero-race-bib-short/ ... the ones with the red gripper.