I've booked flights to Milan during the first week of October to coincide with Lombardia. I notice that RCS have finally confirmed this week that this year's route is going to be similar to last year - covering the Muro di Sormano and Ghisallo before climbing Villa Vergano and finishing at Lecco.

I was hoping for advice from anyone that has been to see the race before - Where to stay? How to get around? Where to watch?

Ideally, I would like to be able to travel around by public transport, but is this feasible (especially on a Sunday)? Are there reliable routes that would take me from a larger settlement (i.e. Lecco or Como, or somewhere touristy like Bellagio) to somewhere near Sormano or Villa Vergano? I'd be willing to walk up to an hour from a bus stop to a good spectating spot.

If anyone went over last year (or any other previous year) I'd be very grateful for any advice you have.