I'm sure we all know the feeling of smugness of cashing in those winter training mile chips, well last Friday was mine.

First century of the year and decided to tackle Buttertubs and boy it was worth it, one of the best rides I've ever done, the ride up Swaledale was magical and the pass itself just 'easy' enough to be enjoyable rather than torturous, of course despite having a bike that has run faultlessly all year now was the time for the problems to manifest itself, a loose cable meant the chain was dropping at the front and the decision to run dry lube the night before proved pretty poor, a quick 30 min rain shower completely washed all the lube away leaving me to ride 50 miles with a bone dry chain, a lesson learnt.

TdF2013 stage one will be spectacular  1


YorkshireMike [92 posts] 4 years ago

Great Stuff Bungle!

Riding in the Dales is immense! Nice work up Buttertubs.

I think that shower hit just about everyone. I was riding over the tops between Hebden Bridge and Burnley and was totally exposed - lots of manly grimacing going on!

My dad even mentioned a similar shower later that afternoon and he was walking in the Yorkshire Wolds so it looks like no one was safe.  16

Cycle_Jim [264 posts] 4 years ago

Reason I stick to wet lube! We live in england, showers = inevitable