I came off my bike in the wet yesterday when my back wheel wiped out taking a left turn.

Apart from some gravel rash and a swollen wrist I caused some scratching to some bits of my bike. One of those was to the alloy looking piece of my left Ultegra ST-6700 shifter.

I have seen that those pieces known as plate A(centre piece) and plate B (side pieces) are available for about £10 each.

If I was to buy plate B, how easy or difficult is it to fit.


mr-andrew [300 posts] 4 years ago

Generally, Ultegra (actually, most Shimano) shifters aren't the most serviceable - most repairs on them can be tricky as the internals are spring loaded.
However, I think you may be in luck - if it is just the cover plates up front (the ones that say 'flightdeck') you can very easily swap them out with nothing more than a small screwdriver.

Pull the lever and look on top, you'll see the first screw that holds the A plate. The second plate is held in with a pair of screws on the outside back bit when the lever is pulled forward.

Sensible [74 posts] 4 years ago

I have searched the internet watched some Shimano videos and looked at my shifter and the replacement part. It seems that plate A at the front easily screws off, which is required to change the brake cable. Plate B looks a bit trickier. It looks as though the brake cable has to be taken off before unscrewing the alloy looking piece with a screw on either side. I just want to ensure that a spring or two doesnt fly out when I take off plate B.
Has anyone done this. Wiggle sell plate A and plate B so there must be a demand for them.