So I saw this Canyon frame on ebay, seems like good condition. It would be a cheap alternative to an all new bike. I don't have the money myself right now but I am sure it deserves a good home:


It will have to wait but my Jamis is slowly rattling apart. In the course of repairing and upgrading it I have learned to swap out all kinds of parts like cables, brakes, cranks, hangers etc. The only thing I have never touched it the bottom bracket. This would the only obstacle to a frame only purchase for me. So my question is how specific is this component to the frame and is it difficult to build up a bike (or 'swap' the frame a bit like calling it a brain transplant.) Does the BB require specialist tools as most other things are just allen keyed?


mattyb95 [31 posts] 4 years ago

Any idea what your current BB Standard on your Jamis is?

The Canyon should have a British Standard threaded BB so if your Jamis does too then a £20 tool and minimal mechanic's skills is all you need to swap them over, you simply unscrew the cups and grease and screw them in to your new frame, I did it with my Canyon and I'm no mechanical expert by a long way. If they have different BB standards a straight forward swap may be trickier but not impossible depending on the BB/cranks in question.

CanAmSteve [257 posts] 4 years ago

Not very specific at all. If you follow the links and dig deep you'll find "Ultimate CF : BSA 68mm"


So a standard British BB fitting - mind you there are many options for what you fill it with. You probably know but you need to match the components in your crankset - cranks, chainwheels and BB. My suggestion is to buy them together if you are not 100% sure. Lots of places sell just some components and leave it to you to match them up. Not for the uninitiated.

It's likely you will need an inexpensive special tool to match the BB you buy. In some cases, you might need to have it installed by an LBS.

It seems like every year brings us a new BB "standard" that then gets modified into orphan-ness. Stick with something tried and true from Shimano or SRAM and you'll be fine.

Leviathan [3025 posts] 4 years ago

So that Canyon frame went for £571 (not to me.) This would make a very cheap build up of a nice bike. Thanks for the advise, I guess if I went for the frame route I would just have to put the time and money into getting the right BB tools and size and it should still be a lot cheaper than a whole new bike. I will keep looking.