Broken Rim on my Touring bike. Came with alexrims ACE 19 which look quite nice with the bike. They seem to be about 50 quid on e bay and generally. I do a lot of miles on this bike especially in winter and it does need to be tough as it has a heavy load to carry, can anyone suggest an alternative wheel that may be an upgrade that won't cost me the earth? I am pretty useless on the mechanical side so would appreciate anyone's views.

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What width of tyre are you running?

What bike? What type of brakes?

Then we can get a better idea of what to suggest Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9289 posts]
11th June 2013 - 13:03


Running 32mm tyres on a 58cm steel Ridgeback Voyage. I weigh just under 100k and ride 100plus regularly. Thinking of putting 28 or even a 25mm faster tyre on. The brakes are Tektro Oryx (why is that important?).

Appreciate your help.

posted by stevemarks [468 posts]
11th June 2013 - 13:58


Well the tyres are handy to know because then I can look at wheel width's. Bike and weight is handy aswell. Need something strong but fast aswell.

The brakes because you have three different types normally used in touring. Side pull, cantilever or disc.

From what google tells me, you have Canti's?

I shall have a think. But for the weight you are carrying, I wouldn't go smaller than 28's.

Are you looking to replace both wheels or just the rims and using the hubs you already have?

If its the full wheel's. What speed cassette are you running? 8/9/10?

The more details people have, the better suggestions you will get Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9289 posts]
11th June 2013 - 14:46


I am running Shimano Deore and I was tempted to straight replace the back one to keep it all nice but then thought about other options without it getting too expensive. I wouldn't know anything about the hubs, I guess I would keep them as the bike is less than 18 months old. I would be prepared to replace both whells if I though it was worth the money.

posted by stevemarks [468 posts]
11th June 2013 - 15:13


OK, just to replace the rim, I'd be looking at something like this

DT Swiss

Mavic A 319

OR, for a bit more aero and colours to suit

For a ready built wheelset. I'd look at something touring specific. NOVATEC for quality budget sets.

Also, here are the Mavic A 319's built up to show you what they look like
They are just a few to look at.

So for rims, DT Swiss would be my choice, for wheels, anything with Novatec hubs should keep you in a decent budget Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9289 posts]
11th June 2013 - 17:05


Wow very thorough Gkam.

I was considering the Mavics anyway. I like the look of the

Halos, they would look nice in Black too. Is there any difference in size, am I getting any advandages by more or less spokes? Am I giving up strength with these? I get a lot of broken spokes on my rear wheel on the racer, but never had one on the tourer. Is there a trade off between strength and looks between the Mavics and the Halos. Not sure I can afford the DT swiss as that is over 100 quid just for the two rims, although if I just bought the one and left the front wheel as is it would look a bit odd wouldn't it? Only your opinions, my friend not going to hold it against you whatever you suggest.

posted by stevemarks [468 posts]
11th June 2013 - 18:11


With spokes, It depends on width, lacing and number of them.

What pattern at they laced in?

With your touring bike, how many spokes do you hub's take, because you will need new rims to take the same as your current hubs.

I guess you are going to lace them up yourself? So you will need new spokes and then take them to a bike shop to true them?

If you want it to be as easy as possible, then a wheelset is your best option.

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posted by Gkam84 [9289 posts]
11th June 2013 - 20:32


FInd yourself a local wheelbuilder, for about £80, you should be able to get a decent wheel. Something like an Ambrosio evolution rim laced to a deore or 105 hub.

posted by FMOAB [251 posts]
12th June 2013 - 0:06


My LBS advised that buying a rim and doing the spoke work etc was probably too much trouble, and in the end I went with the easy option of buying the mavic 319's already made up and with 15% off at Evans it was not too damaging to the wallet. Thanks for all your help I have learnt a lot.

posted by stevemarks [468 posts]
22nd June 2013 - 12:39