Bargain Basement Bradley

by Some Fella   June 10, 2013  

No - not another pop at Sir Bradley.
Just a 'heads up' that his recent autobiography is now in paperback and Morrisons have it at half price. Picked up a copy today for £4.50. Cant say fairer than that.

I dont know if its Morrisons reflecting on his current lack of form or just Morrisons bringing low low prices once again but its a bargain none the less.

Disclaimer : Some Fella does not work for Morrisons or any of it affiliates and is not on any commission or owt.

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£3.99 in Sainsburys on Saturday.

posted by robdaykin (not verified) [309 posts]
10th June 2013 - 23:14


I say, who is this Bradley Hwiggins fellow?

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer, I spat out Plath and Pinter.

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posted by bikeboy76 [1822 posts]
10th June 2013 - 23:43


Apparently some kind of time traveller. According to some he seems to have invented the bicycle, as before him no one in Britain rode a 2 wheeled man powered velocipede. Even though I believe I was cycling to school before he was born. This paradox is certainly a puzzler.

Big Grin

posted by robdaykin (not verified) [309 posts]
11th June 2013 - 7:42